Archive of Past Events

This is an Archive of past events held by B I F I. Highlighting the menu, chefs, bartenders, menu, and location!

BIFI Dinner April 2017. At Ship and Shield.


Pat Sommers, Executive Chef at Ship and Shield

Griffin Meadery

Special Guest- Griffin Meadery, Service at the Bar.

Dinner Item 1Dinner Item 2Dinner Item 3Dinner Item 4

The menu  items:

Blodpalt | Pork & Lamb Sausage | Monkfish Consomme | Radish and Egg

Lifrarpylsa | Skiir

BIFI Dinner March 2017. At Southern Goods.


Lyle Bento, Executive Chef at Southern Goods.


J.D. Woodward, Chef of Cuisine at Southern Goods.

The menu items:

BBQ Shrimp Sui Mai | Katsudon | Deviled Eggs | Gulf Coast XO

Shrimp & Mirliton Salad | Chicken Fired Chicken Feet | Duck Salad

Blue Point Oysters | Surf & Turf | Crawish Chawanmushi | Boiled Crawfish